A ^ Perfect Customer Database Is Elusive:

Accurate data is paramount for efficient operation and business-returns tracking of a company/organization. This is a prerequisite and trigger for implementing other operations such as Sales Force Automation. The most common problem, even a rich database is infested with, is data duplication.

Where Others Fail...

One may turn to the speed and precision of modern computer processers. But, the traditional de-duplication algorithms are not sensitive enough to capture those duplicates which require human intuition and familiarity to crack.

We succeed in Exposing the Almost:

NumberLines' algorithms find the same entities with no explicit identifier by considering cultural, linguistic and regional factors involved in the generation of the data. This approach is a combination of statistics, computer science, mathematics and philosophy.

Beating the Clock with NumberLines:

         Most of the de-duplication algorithms slow down exponentially with the data.
Using the traditional algorithms, a data set of 200,000 data points will take (considering easily accessible hardware and software) few months.
NumberLine's processes are optimized to achieve the same task in hours.

Jijil Ramakrishnan

Director - Number Lines